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Here’s the list of problems you might want to tackle during SWWAW Fintech (Friday, November 14 – 16, 2014).

It’s just to give you inspiration. The possibilities are endless 🙂

We will be updating the list, if you still can not find what you can do, check it on regular basis. In the meantime get a ticket here (if you don’t have one yet 🙂 ).

Personal finance

  • regular spendings
  • bills
  • control of expenses
  • children money

Corporate finance

  • cashflow
  • taxes
  • multiple bank accounts control
  • electronic documents
  • support and optimization of business processes

Exchange, Forex

  • monitoring of exchange
  • axiomatization
  • sim and educational games
  • big data

Payments methods

  • paywalls
  • money transfer
  • cryptocurrency
  • foreign currency payments


  • connecting multiple platforms into one


  • telematics
  • gamification in insurance
  • automation of sales
  • cooperation with partners
  • insurance calculators
Bartosz Staryga