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Guest post by Jamie Gough, Creator, Passive Income app.

I actually stumbled across an article advertising the Melbourne Startup Weekend event and thought I would attend, not really knowing what to expect.

I went to the Startup Weekend wondering; is my idea a good one?  How do I develop my idea into an application? How long will it take to develop?  I was worried I didn’t have all the right skills to develop my idea, insecure in the thought that it may not work.

Great pitches were presented from a range of people presenting diverse ideas. It was great to see the people presenting their pitch were passionate about their idea. Some people had been thinking about their ideas for years, others literally had developed the idea during the lead up to the pitches.

To me the technical side of development was what scared me, with no idea of what was involved, where to start and what it would cost me. Seeing the teams develop concepts and turn them into apps over a weekend gave me insight and inspiration.

I left after the Startup Weekend thinking my idea had possibilities, keen and eager after hearing past success stories that you will never know if you don’t give your idea a go.

After Startup Weekend I engaged some app developers. Working with the app developers was a great experience. (Although it was difficult to get them to stick to a delivery date!) The developers were also able to help me expand my concept and create a more interactive app.

Without Startup Weekend I doubt I would have got the experience and courage to develop the idea I was mulling over and turn it into an app (http://bit.ly/sDmuTW).

Submitting the app for review was interesting, with the App review team initially rejecting the App but after one email from myself they had it loaded and for sale within 24 hours.

Now for the next phase of the journey, marketing the app, got any ideas, if so tweet me on twitter @jamie1367.

Please give me feedback on the app as I will incorporate changes into future projects – (www.passiveincomeapp.com).

You know the funny thing, I can’t even utilise my own app as I am stuck in a contract with a phone that cant download iPhone apps!