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For our amazing Startup Weekend Stavanger May 2017, Powered by Validé, the teams at work are :

– Farms of Norway

– True Review

– Team Six

– Senso Kids

– Extended Family

– Veggitable

– Hope Social Entreprise

– Claims Hub

– RusseRadet

– Baby & Toddler Indoor Play Center

– AI Math

They are all super excited to work on their idea, clear them out and of course validate them with their customer to apply “Build Measure Learn” loop.

Mohamed Jaidane Mohamed Jaidane
Results-driven and creative technical professional with various experiences in Oil&Gas operations and engineering. Strong competencies thanks to a large set of skills acquired thru a multidisciplinary education, an international and broad career and involvement in several challenging projects and ventures in Oil&Gas and education, as well as several personnel projects in various disciplines.

Co-founder and CTO of Sciencia. Founder of The Polymath Company