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Startup Weekend has been using Wufoo since the early days and we want to say a huge “Thanks!” to everyone over at Wufoo for the free account they just set up for us.

Wufoo believes in startups and is doing a lot of help support young tech companies as they work to build products and understand customer needs.  Check out what Wufoo says on their website:

“While we can’t make it to every single BarCamp, we still love every single Barcamp! We want to see the tech community in every city thrive. We’d like to offer any BarCamp, Refresh, IgniteStartup Weekend, or other similar tech event a free Bona Fide level account here at Wufoo. To get yours, just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.”

Pretty cool, no?  For more info on Wufoo’s BarCamp Tour, click here.