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Finding a great support system is a common challenge for entrepreneurs trying to grow a successful business.  Now the White House and private-sector leaders are turning more of their attention to the problem, and working on ways to nurture America’s entrepreneurs so they can create the next generation of great businesses.

The Startup America initiative is trying make America a more supportive place for entrepreneurs.  The private-sector component, the Startup America Partnership, will bring together the countries most innovative corporations, universities and foundations to work with government agencies to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of American entrepreneurs.

Kauffman Foundation President and CEO, Carl Schramm, is one of the founders of the Startup America Partnership and a backer of Startup Weekend.

“Creating an ecosystem that’s conducive to entrepreneurial ventures—whether in a small, directed group, or throughout the U.S. economy—is absolutely essential to building a foundation for long-term growth, job creation, and innovation,” said Schramm in his State of Entrepreneurship Address.

Leaders of the partnership including the Kauffman Foundation and the Case Foundation are making recommendations concerning laws and policies that will help support early-stage startups, streamline commercialization programs for universities, and create general attitudes of positive reinforcement for US entrepreneurs.  Schramm said this would be especially relevant in today’s economic climate.

“Changes in laws and regulations could enable startups to grow more rapidly without adding to the deficit,” Schramm said.

The Startup America Partnership identifies and encourages private-sector partners to commit resources that will help entrepreneurial companies start or grow by contributing funds or by developing new programs.

“Our future prosperity in part depends on whether or not we are creating an environment in which folks can test new ideas, bring new products to market, and generate new businesses,” said President Barack Obama as he signed the Small Business Jobs Act.

We at Startup Weekend have always prided ourselves as being a 54 hour event with networking, resources, and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch. With increased promotion from the Kauffman Foundation, the Case Foundation, and President Obama, the future for entrepreneurs in America looks resourceful and promising. We’re extremely excited to see this kind of support for entrepreneurship at a nation-wide level!