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We’re teaming up with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to spur innovation in education!

What better way to help the state of education than to bring in the most talented community of entrepreneurs on the planet to help solve it’s problems?

That’s exactly what we’re trying to help the Gates Foundation do with their Literacy Courseware Challenge and it starts with you, talented entrepreneurs.

Through a Request For Proposals (RFP) process, Gates Foundation is looking to invest up to $6 million in web-based courseware to support students in mastering the Common Core State Standards for literacy at the 4th–8th grade levels! They will make 20 to 30 awards in the $25,000-$500,000 range!

If you or your team are interested in solving some of our most important problems (or are already working on it!), this Challenge may be the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level. In addition to the grants, the Gates Foundation will support selected teams with pilot programs, access to students, and important feedback for refining their products.

To learn more, see if it’s a right fit for you, or to begin applying, check out all the details about the Literacy Courseware Challenge on their official page or by clicking the button below! The Gates Foundation will also be hosting a webinar on Feb. 14 to answer any questions developers and entrepreneurs have about web-based applications for the Challenge. To learn more, sign up for the webinar today.

To education!



Mitchell Cuevas
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