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If you or your team worked on an app during the weekend, this is great news for you. You can get more users by showcasing your Startup Weekend App on ooomf

There’s a lot of amazing technology being built at Startup Weekend events across the globe, but no matter how great an app is, it can sometimes be difficult to rise above the noise.

This is why the great Startup Weekend  alums at ooomf are bringing you an awesome way to help you get your mobile app get discovered. The idea for ooomf came after attending a Startup Weekend event earlier this year when the team saw so many cool projects, but some of the projects lost momentum after the event ended.

Ooomf was created as a mobile app discovery platform that helps developers market their applications and allows users to discover and participate in the creation of mobile apps, whether the app is just an idea, coming soon, or already in the App Store.

In just a few months, ooomf has grown to thousands of users eager to discover new apps and help participate in the creation of future ones.

Ooomf helps you connect with users and build a following for your app whether it’s just an idea or a prototype that has yet to launch in the App Store.

Showcase your Startup Weekend mobile app on ooomf here: http://ooomf.com/startupweekend

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+1 (514) 381-5266

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Mitchell Cuevas
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