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“No talk. All action.”  Those familiar with Startup Weekend recognize this as our catchphrase, but is it entirely true?  Startup Weekend events certainly focus on startup creation in a 54 hour frenzy of design and development.  Yet one of the largely immeasurable benefits of Startup Weekends is that the atmosphere created during the weekend inspires new projects or companies to form after the weekend.  It is often discussions held during a Startup Weekend that most impact participants once the event is over.

While it’s difficult to track the effect of all the talk, we hear hundreds of stories from people around the world who have harnessed the momentum and relationships built at a Startup Weekend to launch new projects and ventures after the weekend is over.  Raj Moorjani knows first-hand how talk at Startup Weekend can inspire creation down the road.

Moorjani and co-founder Hope Tarr created Beer Gardens NYC, a mobile app that allows users to search over 50 NYC beer gardens based on neighborhood, price range—even a favorite beer.  A runaway success, the app received a write-up in the New York Times, CrunchGear, Gothamist, and New York Magazine and was awarded top honors by Appolicious.  Since Beer Gardens NYC went live on September 2, 2010 Moorjani has been asked to create the app for other cities around the country.

The general consensus is that Moorjani and Tarr have created something special, yet Beer Gardens NYC wasn’t something Moorjani was thinking about during the June NYC Startup Weekend; he spent the weekend working on a team developing a mobile website called PeerAround.

Two weeks after Startup Weekend, Moorjani and Tarr were sitting at a beer garden in Williamsburg.  Sightseeing in the neighborhood while trying to get relief from a sweltering summer, they wondered where other beer gardens were located.  As Moorjani says, “If not for Startup Weekend I would not have even thought about creating an app but at the event I was surrounded by so many people, such great energy, that it got me thinking about apps.”

Moorjani and Tarr spent several weeks doing research on local beer gardens and reconnecting with NYC Startup Weekend alums.  Moorjani reached out to Jonathan Wegner, a team member for the NYC event, to talk about past app development.  Another app developer Moorjani contacted gave great advice and helped lay the building blocks for development of the beer garden app.

Both Moorjani and Tarr are quick to credit the energy and atmosphere of Startup Weekend in inspiring them to create Beer Gardens NYC.  At the Williamsburg beer garden that hot June day, Moorjani simply said, “Let’s do it.”  Looking back at Startup Weekend, Moorjani knows that it was the “phenomenal people and great conversations” that helped him take the plunge.  “The people are friendly and they have great energy.  I heard so many people say, ‘just have a conversation’ or ‘no idea is too small’ and now I see how one conversation between people creates a spark that gets a process in motion.”

Beer Gardens NYC is off to a great start, and Moorjani and Tarr are excited about the startup’s future prospects.  They have created a popular and useful app based on weeks of intense action.  But they also credit the energy, the ideas, and the discussions they had at Startup Weekend for their early their success.

Note from the author: if you launched a new project or venture with people you met at Startup Weekend, hired or got hired, met your spouse, or were otherwise impacted in some meaningful way by Startup Weekend, we’d love to know about it! Drop us a note at maris@startupweekend.org