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When the Paris-based Beansight team met at the May 2010 Paris Startup Weekend they didn’t know exactly what would happen, but they had a pretty good idea.  Following the Friday night pitches Cyril Dorsaz, Steren Giannini, Jean-Baptiste Claramonte, and Guillaume Wolf came together around the idea of a social application that would let people predict the future—and prove their acumen.

Like other Startup Weekend teams around the world, the four teammates worked tirelessly on their idea.  As Wolf explains, “Beansight is a social platform that specializes in the future.  Users are invited to share their prediction about the future.  If they’re right, they earn points that prove their expertise.”  Other users are also able to weigh in on predictions; “a system of votes determines how likely a prediction is to happen.”  Think you know when you’ll get your next raise?  Have a ‘feeling’ about the winner of the upcoming soccer match? As Wolf says, “With Beansight, you can challenge your friends and the whole community to prove your skills.”

The Beansight team was well matched from the start.  Dorsaz is a business developer with finance experience, Giannini has engineering expertise and is the team’s lead developer, Claramonte is the core developer and general go-to IT expert, and Wolf is data junkie who works on marketing.  Despite their different backgrounds, all four co-founders quickly realized that, in order to succeed, Beansight required a leap of faith: the entire team quit their day jobs to focus on their new company.

As Wolf explains, “The need to build Beansight was strong.  We worked nights and we finally quit our jobs.”  And as their own application would have predicted, “now that we have more time, we found that there is even more work than we thought!”

Despite the long hours and endless work, the team has seen some early successes. Since January 2011 Beansight has been supported by Le Camping, a Parisian accelerator.  March 30th is Investor Day so the team is working hard to have the results of their first platform ready.  The goal, as Wolf states it, is “to be attractive enough to convert our signups into addicted users.”  The team’s next milestone will be a public launch.

Beansight is still in private beta, however, Startup Weekend fans are encouraged to try it out using the beta code: startupweekend.  Wolf predicts success for his team and their app since, “people are so eager to discover the future that they sometimes have irrational behavior.  Beansight is the most rational approach to predicting the future…Besides, it’s really easy and fun to use.  Play on Beansight and prove your expertise to the community.”  In our crystal ball, the future looks bright for Beansight.