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I’m currently working on my own Startup, Gymbooth. When I wrote the poem, ‘Thoughts of a Creator’ (featured below) I was still in the Early Stage phase. Basically, still working on the idea and trying to validate it.

Now, several months later, we’re testing a first prototype with our first users! To be a founder is like being an artist. I’ve written many songs starting from the age of 16 and preformed them live. Just like in a band, a startup’s team is composed of great individuals who play in harmony and with “soul” together.

I wrote “Startup Poems” (a series of 6 poems) from the perspective of a founder and I hope that these poems will help your team create the harmony and the “soul” that is needed to build beautiful products.

Enjoy and let me know what you think by simply sending an e-mail to: michael.negele@gmail.com – Thank you!

 Below is poem #1 of 6 – ‘Thoughts of a Creator’. Check back next Friday to read #2, ‘Great Ideas’

01 - Thoughts of a Creator  - www.startup-poems.com - photo by @morskaya

Today is the day. There is no tomorrow.

I’d rather take the pain today and run away with it.

Away from habits, free of rules – guideless.

Lost in thoughts of beauty where I create, combine,

restructure and form greatness.

Out of nothing – Making it, slowly and steadily.

With the sum of all my experiences – intuition.

It is what I do – create.



Photography by Marina Negele. Follow her photos on instagram. 

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