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In just 3 days, this event gives its participants the chance to experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a start-up.  As they learn how to create a real start-up, they will meet very best mentors, investors, and sponsors who are really to help then get started their own projects.

Successfully, Gaza strip proved its sufficient ability to adopt this international event, challenging all the bad circumstances and overcoming lots of  obstacles  depending on great organizers’ well and hard working.

Start-up weekend held several events in Palestine and  Gaza strip.

But, what special in this event is that:

  • It’s the first start-up to target university students. The organizers are very conscious of the importance of supporting youth and they are aware of the lack of opportunities for the Palestinian youth.
  • It greatly immerses the disabled students in social activities. In this start-up, we record impaired girls which was nominating to the finalists.  And the organizers’ team itself  has a visual impaired girl.
  • It gives the chances to females to emphasis their presence in the community beside the males and to destroy all the stereotypes. This start-up had 11 finalists females and 7 males.

      4)It enhances the team work and the voluntary participation.  There are more than 15 volunteers in logistics, social media and translation, all form university  students.

5)It enhances the understanding that all participants are winners as they will enlarge their relation circles and adopt new perspectives  which will help in the future.

6)The actual winner’s  project idea will be supported to be applicable.

At the end, I thank all of who were part of his event and this success, volunteers, ,participants ,sponsors, organizers, mentors, judges and advisers.
A special thanks goes to the editor of this report: Shahd Mustafa Abdelhadi

Ahmed Saqer Ahmed Saqer