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Is it possible to launch a Start Up in 54 hours? Join us to find out…

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Startup Weekend Blagoevgrad
October 17th, 2014

Written by Lyuba Popova

facebook cover4Shape…share…form…launch… Yes, indeed, we want to prove you that there is a way you might succeed in launching a start up in only 54 hours. StartUp Weekend @ Blagoevgrad is a weekend-long unique experience which will leave you not only with good memories but also with the magical inspiration of entrepreneurship and the possibility of starting your own business.

Our event is part of the global StartUp Weekend network established by passionate entrepreneurs and leaders, and enthusiastic volunteers who have accepted a mission to educate and inspire people. The idea behind the format originates from the States, more precisely from Seattle, Washington where the non-profit organization is headquartered. However, the entrepreneurial network has grown immensely over the past few years with over 1800 successful events in 120 countries around the Globe.

It does not matter if you are a business expert, developer, designer, accountant or just a current student; anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea. All Startup Weekend events follow one basic model, in which attendees bring their best ideas, form teams and start their entrepreneurial adventure.

Over the weekend, all assigned teams attend different sessions and workshops, walking through the process of founding a start-up. Our enthusiasts learn step by step the basics of customer development, idea validation, planning, building a minimal valuable product, etc. During the process attendees receive mentorship and valuable feedback from a group/panel of carefully selected experts in various fields. The peak of the program is the final presentation of plans and prototypes in front of local entrepreneurial leaders and guests with another opportunity for critical feedback.

Whether attendees will actually build a product, a company, or will just network with others, learning new start up insights, everyone is guaranteed to have fun.

Do not hesitate and put yourself in the adventurous shoes of a real entrepreneur!

Register now for the StartUp Weekend @ Blagoevgrad on October 17-19, 2014. We are waiting for you.


Mirela Dineva