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SW toowoomba beakerStartup Weekend Toowoomba
November 14th, 2014

What part of the story will you play when Startup Weekend rolls into Toowoomba for the first time ever?

Will you be able to say that you created a new business in 54 hours?

  • That you met some amazing friendly and talented people this weekend?
  • That you found out that you were more talented in more areas than you thought?
  • or you learnt new methods that you had never tried before to start a business?
  • Perhaps you found a team of like minded people who helped you develop the basis of that social enterprise you have wanted to launch for the last few years?
  • Could it just be that you really enjoyed the vibrant fast paced atmosphere?
  • Maybe you’re a mentor or coach and you found that you got more out of the event by far than you put in?

I know for a fact that you will…

  • Meet new people and make great friends.
  • Learn much more than you ever thought you would.
  • Be fed and watered on a regular basis with good food and drinks.
  • Have more fun developing an idea than you know how to measure.
  • Most of you will cheer, laugh and shout, some of you will yell and some will cry.
  • Some of you will declare Startup Weekend to be the best weekend ever!
  • and I know….for a fact that all of you will have a hell of a story to tell after the 1st Startup Weekend Toowoomba.

Be there or miss out!  from someone who has been there before.

cheers, David Masefield (Toowoomba SW Organiser)

PS. They say a picture tells a 1000 words – here’s 4 from Startup Weekends around the world…Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Seattle USA and  Gaza, it’s truly global. They certainly look like they’re having fun! And you will too!

SW Seattle
SW Seattle
SW Sunshine Coast
sw adelaide
SW Adelaide
SW Gaza


David Masefield