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In our previous Editions Month blog post, we showcased the unique events and locations happening around the world in May. Next we’ll take a look at the top Editions featured at events during Editions Month. These Top 10 are the most popular Editions happening in May, out of the over 40 total themes, industries and audiences being transformed.

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10. Health

These events focus on the healthcare industries and the many levels and ways it can impact people from emergency services to insurance providers. Over the years entrepreneurs have jumped into new industries to disrupt this industry even more with innovations such as healthcare tracking apps and wearables.

Health & Wellness – Easton, USA

Health & Medical Technology – Bothell, USA

Health & Fitness – Chicago, USA


9. Finance

The finance industry is a complex but very important industry. From personal finance to corporate banking, the possibilities for entrepreneurs are endless. These type of Startup Weekend events look to innovate the finance industry by bringing in new technologies, coining the term FinTech.

Finance – Copenhagen, Denmark

FinTech – Hyderabad, India

FinTech – Mexico City, Mexico


8. Youth

Startup Weekend Youth Edition is specially designed for the next generation’s entrepreneurs, 5th–8th graders. The event format is similar to a normal Startup Weekend, but some things are changed up just for the kids. Organizers create an atmosphere of exercises and experiences that will inspire the young minds and help them learn how to move those ideas forward towards action, and in the process, collaborate with their peers. Parents are also invited to join in on the fun.

Youth – Cali, Colombia

Youth – Tampa Bay, USA

Youth – Toronto, Canada

Youth – Oakland, USA


7. Food

These events are focused on something everyone can get excited about: food! They’re innovating the culinary world ranging from consumer apps to industry-wide solutions. There are even some events combining of food editions with complimentary industries like tourism, farming, and gastronomy (studying food and culture, with a particular focus on a region’s cuisine).

Food & Farm – Charlottetown, Canada

Food – Lyon, France

Tourism & Gastronomy – Sevilla, Spain

Wine, Gastronomy & Tourism – Bordeaux, France


6. Social Impact

Social Edition events focus on ideas that help and impact not only their local regional and social issues, but the world as a whole. These events have popped up over the years with the increase of social entrepreneurship and the growth of companies like TOMS and Charity Water. Some examples of startups in this space are Thread and Embrace.

Impact – Washington, DC, USA

Social Enterprise & Impact – Detroit, USA

Social Innovation – Bangalore, India

Social Innovation – Tehran, Iran

Social Business – Dunkerque, France

Change Makers – Teresina, Brazil


5. Tourism / Travel

Vacations are wonderful, but traveling can be stressful. These events are focusing on new ideas to improve the travel industry and improving experiences for tourists. The locations of some of the events makes them especially unique as they are hotspots for travel.

Tourism – Gold Coast, Australia

Tourism & Hospitality – Cairns, Australia

Tourism and Cultural Heritage – Tirana, Albania

Tourism & Gastronomy – Sevilla, Spain

Wine, Gastronomy & Tourism – Bordeaux, France

Travel – Bogota, Colombia


4. Maker / Devices

It’s the rise of the makers! Startups are more than apps and software. Wearables, connected devices, and new smart products are filling the market and our homes. Now thanks to organizations like TechShop and Kickstarter, anyone can begin building their next big idea. These Startup Weekend events run just like any other, but they are busy building physical products and prototypes.

Maker – Quebec City, Canada

Maker – Brussels, Belgium

Maker – Paris, France

Maker – Qingdao, China

Connected Devices – Denver, USA

Internet of Things (IoT) – Buenos Aires, Argentina


3. EDU

Have you ever had an idea for improving education? Startup Weekend EDU events are made just for that! These events are for teachers, designers, techies, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who wants to contribute their ideas and skills to improve education. Check out Education Entrepreneurs to learn more about these programs and others using entrepreneurship to improve education.

EDU – Sacramento, USA

EDU – Pachuca, Mexico

EDU – Oklahoma City, USA

EDU – Somiedo, Spain

EDU – Toowoomba, Australia

EDU – Recife, Brazil

EDU – Florianópolis, Brazil

EDU – Los Angeles, USA


2. UNI

University events are just what they seem – Startup Weekend held at universities with students. These students get an extra dose of learning from their usual curriculum as they work to build a company all weekend.

UNI – Masjedsoleyman, Iran

UNI – Sincelejo, Colombia

UNI – Bamenda, Cameroon

UNI – Southhampton, UK

UNI – Juliaca, Peru

UNI – Porto, Portugal

UNI – Cuernavaca, Mexico

UNI/High School – Los Angeles, USA

UNI – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


1. Women / Girls

Here we are at our top featured event in Editions Month! Women’s Edition events follow the traditional Startup Weekend format and agenda, but are organized by women, and have a majority of female attendees and mentors. Male guests are welcome and are a critical factor, as it helps increase real-world collaboration and diversity. For more information on these events and their mission, check out this blog post.

Startup Girls – Seattle, USA

Women – La Paz, Bolivia

Women – Pristina, Kosovo

Women – Bengaluru, India

Women – Bogotá, Colombia

Women – Cincinnati, USA

Women – Dallas, USA

Women – León, Mexico

Women – San Diego, USA

Women – Johannesburg, South Africa



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