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If you’re ready to dive into the customer discovery and product validation phases of building on your startup idea, register for the NEXT program and join the growing class of NEXT alumni.  

We’re thrilled to announce that, with the help of local mentors, coaches, and instructors, the NEXT program is now available for registration in a number of cities. The NEXT program is designed to help you build unparalleled customer experiences by delivering dynamic coursework built on personal interaction, an accredited team of instructors and skilled mentors, and a proven, comprehensive methodology.

NEXT teams are guaranteed to come out of the program with a thorough understanding of how to build on an idea and deliver a solution to a real problem based on customer insight. Program alumnus Donald de Santis says, “NEXT Fundamentally changed the way I think about creating value in the earliest stages of a startup. NEXT was most important thing I’ve done to up my game since attending my first Startup Weekend, many years ago.”

Eric Koester, Zaarly Co-Founder and serial entrepreneur on NEXT

Early stage entrepreneurs often become infatuated with their product — building something to solve a problem they think (or sometimes hope) people actually have.  But the reality is that there is nothing more powerful for an entrepreneur than building a product that solves a real problem for a customer.  It seems so simple, but it’s really not that obvious to most first-time (or even multi-time) entrepreneurs.

With NEXT you’ll put down your product and pick up a notebook to start speaking with your potential customers — actual businesses and users.  You’ll be a part of a cohort of other entrepreneurs as well as mentors and coaches to help you even after the course is complete.  And most importantly, you’ll finish NEXT with an answer to the question: ‘Why Should I Build This Product?’  NEXT helps you to break down your assumptions, fail fast and get laser focused on building something your customers will love.

Come out more prepared to speak about your company, to deal with feedback and to answer the tough questions from potential employees, partners and investors.  All in all, you’ll be more prepared to succeed — and that’s what NEXT is about: ‘Getting you ready for whatever’s NEXT.’  Are you up for the challenge?

Find the NEXT program closest to you today and claim your spot in this growing class of empowered entrepreneurs!  




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