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Adam Kramer is a cofounder of Coupla, a service to help couples find other couples to hang out with and was developed at Startup Weekend Las Vegas where they took 2nd place. 

During Startup Weekend Las Vegas, I was working on a project to help couples with similar interests find other couples to go on double dates with. It was a problem my wife and I had, and thought Startup Weekend would be a great place to create a business that could serve as the solution.

However, one of the tasks in building a successful business is proving there is a market for your product. So we created a Wedgie asking “Do you and your significant other double date?” We pushed it out through our social circles and the response was disappointing. Out of over 49 respondents, less than half of the respondents said they double date.


Then one of my team members said, ‘Why don’t you ask if as a couple they like to hang out with other couples?’ So we created the Wedgie and pushed it out through my social circles and the response was overwhelming. More than 60 percent of the respondents said they liked hanging out with other couples. We knew we had to rephrase our entire pitch and marketing efforts.


Wedgies made it easy for us to quickly poll our social network and their extended network. Within a matter of three hours, we were able to change our company’s marketing strategy and pitch, and as a result ended up finishing in the top 3 of our first ever Startup Weekend. Thanks to the market validation we received as a result of our Wedgies and in-turn our successful showing at Startup Weekend, we’re now going to turn this into a startup. Thanks Wedgies.

Are you working on a Hack-a-thon or Startup Weekend Project? Use a Wedgie to aggregate quick feedback from your social channels about your assumptions and plans!

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