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For 2014 the Startup Weekend Utrecht organising team has welcomed new members and farewelled a few great contributors. We’ve been busy preparing another edition of Startup Weekend Utrecht and are super excited to finally share the news!

This year Startup Weekend Utrecht is all about Smart Cities and making our cities better for living. The event will run from 14th-16th November at Hooghiemstra.

The theme Smart Cities is about developing products and services that make our cities better places to live. There is particular interest in building out the sharing economy, crowd sourced urban planning, efficient and innovative transport/energy/utilities solutions, and smarter home technologies.

It’s wide open to possibilities and we can’t wait to see what our participants and teams can produce in 54 hours!

Full details about the event are on our website: http://bit.ly/SWU2014

Looking forward to seeing in November!

Dwight Gunning