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As we all know, Startup Weekend is growing exponentially and reaching not only dozens of US states, but also a lot of countries as well like Russia, Israel, and Oman, to name a few. And to help boost Startup Weekend’s success, Vayama is donating $15 to SW every time you sign up for a travel deal at their site. Vayama is an online travel website that makes it easier for you to travel all around the globe. It has only been three years since Vayama began and already, it has put its name on the map.

And because there is no better time to pay it forward, Vayama’s teaming up with Travelcology so you can get the best-priced airfare. Under the leadership of Philip Kiracofe and Danielle Lanyard, Travelcology supports avid travelers with a commitment to help out in any area they will be visiting.

When you join Startup Weekend, not only will you bring home all you need to create your own startup, but you also make it possible for future participants to have the time of their lives in just one weekend.

Again, we encourage everyone to book their travel through Vayama and help us make more awesome Startup Weekends all over the world.