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This week at UP Global, we shared a number of articles from the team in Huffington Post, contest entries for the We Own It Summit are coming in, and a number of our Organizers shared great posts with the community. 

We Own It Summit Contest: Still Time to Enter! 

Take a few minutes to enter our contest for tickets to the We Own It Summit at the end of June! We’re thrilled to be partnering with We Own It this year to encourage dialogue and support for women in entrepreneurship. This year’s summit features a great line up of speakers and attendees. To learn more about the summit, click here.

If you haven’t checked out the contest, you’ve still got just under a week to enter — all it takes is a photo of yourself and responses to two questions.  Click here to learn more, enter, and view other entries.

Organizer/Community Posts:

Khalil Corazo: “Startup Weekend … It’s a Conspiracy!”  

Nick Such “On The Importance of Asking Questions” 

Nick Such and other Organizers in Rio de Janiero at SoSummit 2013
Nick Such and other Organizers in Rio de Janiero at SoSummit 2013


What UP Global Really Means for Entrepreneurs and Communities by Marc Nager, UP Global CEO 

As UP Global takes its first steps as a new organization for entrepreneurs and their communities, Marc Nager sheds some light on the natural merging with Startup America and what this really means for our community and for local communities. Nager highlights what some of our own Organizers are saying:

Derek Koch, who serves as Vice-Chair for Startup Connecticut and as a Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend, says,”People around the state are really excited about using UP as a platform to further intensify and strengthen the support for entrepreneurs in our community.”

Startup Weekend Organizer and Startup America Regional Champion Mital Patel says, “The partnership to form UP Global will take the view that the existing programs (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, NEXT, Corporate Connections) are all core programs that have been validated and tested in local communities, but there are others that can be tested and grown with the same action-based learning approach. The key is that they have to start from the ground up, in local communities.”

Marc concludes:  “Ultimately, it is this grassroots, ground-up energy Patel describes that UP Global aims to motivate and support. It is this type of approach that has carried numerous entrepreneurial communities thus far and that will continue to propel the movement on a global scale.”


 What Elon Musk Can Teach Us About Time, Risk, and Commitment by Dave Parker, VP of Product at UP Global

Dave Parker, the newest addition to the UP Global team, shares insights on the power of entrepreneurs who know they must take the leap and believe — because, as Parker says, “or we wouldn’t take the risk, even if it looks foolish in hindsight.” Parker parallels some lesser known details about Elon Musk’s rocky journey to entrepreneurial stability and progress to highlight the power of risk-taking and confidence.


What Keeps Entrepreneurs Up At Night by Chet Kittleson

UP Global Northwest Regional Manager Chet Kittleson discusses the often undiscussed insecurities that all great leaders face. Chet points out that we all deal with self doubt, and no leader, regardless of their successes or circumstances, is exempt from these feelings. Chet shares some enlightening and encouraging quotes from successful leaders who have walked the entrepreneur’s journey and gone through their own ups and downs, including T.A. McCann, Amy Balliett, and Rand Fishkin.




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