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It’s been another busy week at Startup Weekend- and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve had some excellent press articles about the community and are excited about some of our upcoming events namely the Google I/O competition and a new round of NEXT courses. Also, we’re hiring!


How Hard Could It Be? 

Startup Weekend was featured in an excellent four-page print and online article in Inc Magazine this week. The article followed the story of a Startup Weekend in Monterey Bay from beginning to end. Profiling several entrepreneurs at the event, Inc. follows the journey of the entrepreneur at Startup Weekend and what it takes to launch a business in 54 hours. Check out the article here.


The Mass Exodus of the Innovative Workforce:

Startup Weekend’s Creative Director Mike Mates wrote a Huffington Post piece this week on the rise of creative and technical talent in the workforce juxtaposed with the inability for employers to find the right creative and technical employees. Mates writes that the traditional model of innovation has become outdated and is shifting to a place of entrepreneurial thinking, collaborative creation, and decentralized archetypes. To read more of the article, click here. 

Startup Craze in Rio:

“Last week to share stories about the obstacles and opportunities of building startup communities in cities across the globe. These passionate drivers of entrepreneurship growth gathered for four days of learning and networking at the Kauffman Foundation’s fifth annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress.”

Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman Foundation wrote an excellent recap of SoSummit 2013 in Rio De Janeiro in the Huffington Post. Mitchell highlighted the reception and excitement during the weekend and Startup Weekend’s visit to the Global Entrepreneurship Council the following week. Read the full article here.


Conference IO Solves One of the Biggest Problems That Happens at Events:

Have you ever attended a conference with hundreds of others and someone asks an uninteresting question or rambles? Startup Weekend alumni GoSoapBox, featured in Forbes this week has a new product that aims to solve that problem. Attendees submit questions online  onto the Conference IO app and presenters choose which to answer. The questions are ordered by the most popular, voted on by users. Find out more about Conference IO in their Forbes article.


Google IO: 

Last week, we announced our Google IO competition for four tickets to the Google IO Developer Conference in San Francisco in May. To enter the contest, create an application for our internal system SWOOOP using one or more Google applications. The contest ends on Monday April 8 at midnight so you have one more weekend to work on your entries! Winner will be announced on April 10. To find out more, visit our contest announcement. (Please note the link cannot be opened via mobile.) Happy coding!

NEXT Courses Begin April 10:

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been chatting with our NEXT @ SXSW workshop participants about what they learned from the program. We’re very excited about another round of NEXT courses that begin on April 10.

The cities and start dates in April are:

Japan Tokyo 04.10.13 Register
China Beijing 04.10.13 Register
Spain Madrid 04.10.13 Register
Turkey Ankara 04.10.13 Coming soon
USA Ventura, CA 04.10.13 Register
USA Tampa, FL 04.10.13 Register
USA Louisville, KY 04.11.13 Register
USA San Francisco, CA 04.11.13 Register
Iran Tehran 04.16.13 Coming soon
Spain Barcelona 04.18.13 Register
USA Atlanta, GA 04.18.13 Register
Greece Athens 04.29.13 Register
Iceland Reykjavik 04.29.13

To register, see above or visit our NEXT website.

We’re Hiring!

Love Startup Weekend, entrepreneurship and want to get involved in your community ? Our Core Team in Seattle is hiring for a Lead Designer and a NEXT Director of Product Development. Find our more about the job and how to apply on our website.