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This year, more than 250 Startup Weekends will take place between November 13th and November 23rd, all over the world as part of Global Startup Battle! We’re excited to announce this year’s sponsors, Tracks and ways to compete. Be sure to check out all of this year’s awesome prizes, resources and judges on the GSB site – more being added every week!

GSB 2015 Tracks

Champions Track: Join the legacy of global GSB champions as part of the Champions Track. This Track is for winners of local Startup Weekend events and will showcase the best of every city and region.

The Innovator’s Track Powered by .CO: Calling all teams that are launching their brilliant ideas .CO! This Track is for teams building their business, company, or product on a .CO domain during Startup Weekend.

Great in the Making Track Made great by Mr. Coffee: Making something truly great? This Track focuses on those who are making products and technologies that will improve people’s lives in areas such as convenience, organization, transportation, and productivity.

Disruptors and Big Ideas Track Powered By Transpose: Transpose rallies behind game-changers and disruptors and wants to see what you can bring to the table. This Track is for the entrepreneurs setting out to change industries with visionary ideas and using the Transpose platform.

Startup Women Track: We’re honored to support building diversity with a Track focused on women entrepreneurs and highlighting their work and talents.

NEW! Open Track sponsored by The Company Corporation: We’re unlocking GSB! For the first time ever, startup teams from outside GSB events that are in the early stages of launching their ideas can compete in their own Track against each other. This is big! More details to come!

GSB Sponsors

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