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A few weeks ago we held a contest to give away two tickets to the WeOwnIt Summit in London. WeOwnIt and their partners are dedicated to “exploring women’s participation in high-growth businesses and identifying solutions to move us forward.” To participate, we asked that each person submit a photo, 3 words that describe them, and the best advice they have received as an entrepreneur.

The summit is wrapping up today, so look for more from that and follow #WOIS on Twitter!

Below, we’ve collected the entries so everyone can share in the great knowledge and advice these entrepreneurs submitted. Congratulations to Heather Cochrun and Nikka Umil, our winners!

Huge thank you to the folks at WeOwnIt for helping us with this contest and letting us be a part!


 SwRBR5 Best Advice: Keep a strong eye on the numbers – or employ someone who’s fanatical about them. Trust is great – vital – in relationships, but when it comes to money, even the most apparently lovely people will have very different ethics (or cash flow problems).


Claire Thompson, Reading, PN: Determined, Caring, Visionary


 RUz3ru Best Advice: For a person with technical expertise ‘Your Product is only as good as your business model, which also as important as your product’


Monil Adhikari, Kathmandu: Enthusiastic, Energetic, Impatient


 cevlkD Best Advice: Find a group of like-minded individuals to help you test out your product and give you feed back. Be your own cheerleader because many people will try to shoot down your ideas. Make sure you really want what you are trying to achieve because it will take more time energy and money than you realize.


Meoldy Hunsinger, Tempe, AZ: Upcyclerista, Ecopreneur, Visionista

 kWQDdj Best Advice: Find the spark or passion within you. A lot of aspiring or current entrepreneurs look to outside forces as their motivation or validation as to whether they should jump into the startup scene or ‘keep going’. If you have to do that, then you will burnout eventually, and you will soon realize that you are doing it for the wrong reasons.


Nikka Umil, Los Angeles, CA: Hustler, Hacker, Hipster

 8gJ44l Best Advice: The best advice I’ve come across as an entrepreneur is to develop a committed mentor relationship with someone in a position I’d like to be in. Having a mentor has helped me ask the right questions, see the big picture, and really think through and follow through on the stability and growth of my business. He has given me insightful input and honest criticism. As an entrepreneur mother — do not to feel defeated because you blur the lines of the multiple roles you play. Instead, be strategic and forgiving and make those blurry lines work for you. Be happy you have something important to do.


Carmen Cardoza, Orlando, FL: Creative. Driven. Inspired.


 zGkwLW Best Advice: Lift as you climb.


Brit Fitzpatrick, Memphis, TN: Imagination is everything.


 Tz6roW Best Advice: The way to succeed is to double your failure rate.


Azeem Khan, Boston, MA: I’m a hustler


 A9Cmvr Best Advice: Be prepared to wear several different hats in working on and in your business. Objectively, build a business you’re passionate about and grab onto the low hanging fruit…


Timamu Wilson, West Orange: Positive, Informative, and Liberating!!!


 jqFrLd Best Advice: Always remember failure is the mother of success; but likewise success can be the mother of failure – thus be careful, do not lost focus because of what you have achieved.


Qitai Ooi, Conventry: Enjoy Everything!


 vGsnEr Best Advice: Don’t be afraid to fail


Diana Tan, Chicago, IL: Entrepreneur: Tech and Healthcare


 _Suc7E Best Advice: Think long term


Vongai Mudzamba, Cape Town: Inspired to Inspire


 2u1KKN Best Advice: To own it! Have mentors at each stage of your business and keep building!


Heather Cochrun, Accra: Fearless, Entrepreneur, Africa


 OG3hu6 Best Advice: Don’t wait to be given a chance, take one.


Philip Kirkbride, Waterloo: Create, Explore, Capitalize


 QEbp9b Best Advice: Just like with a leader, one cannot be a self-proclaimed entrepreneur. Besides having a clear vision and exceptional strength an entrepreneur needs a bunch of dedicated people willing to follow him even if out of curiosity.


Catalina Butnaru, Bucharest: Humanitarian, Innovator, Doer.


 z80lS4 Best Advice: Find the secret sauce.


Victoria Cerrone, Orlando, FL: Lifelong idea generator


 iBF_m1 Best Advice: The advice I receive from a CEO of a company is that if you want to become a entrepreneur then always start your professional career by get employed in some start up and don’t go for big companies.


Akhmas Meraj, Karachi: Leader, Techie, Social


 4mM12x Best Advice: Never, ever, ever, give up.


Chris Shaffer, Reno, NV: Passionate, Driven Healthy


 JyV9wV Best Advice: that was when i was told by a speaker that the talk is too much but going onto the field is the best way of being an entrepreneur


Sampson Commey Amui, Accra: Ready to learn

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