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So you’ve got your big idea, and you’re ready for your final presentation. What should you look out for to make sure you wow the judges?

The judges are looking at three important criteria, that are all weighted equally:

  1. Business Model: How does your team plan to make this business successful? Have you either solved or identified your problems? Have you taken into account your competition, your ability to scale, the acquisition of customers, and created a revenue model?
  2. Customer Validation: Are you building something that people really want? How well do you understand your customer as well as their needs? Did you go out and talk to potential customers? What is your value proposition?
  3. Execution and Design: Have you established a “Minimal Viable Product” over the course of the weekend (hardware, software, etc.)? Are you going to deliver a compelling user experience? Are you able to demonstrate something that is functional?

If you take these factors into account, your business idea should be ready for the competition in no time. Get ready, Startup Weekend 2016 starts in just a few short days! We can’t wait to see you soon.

Mary Dieglio