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What you don’t need for Startup Weekend

If you don’t know briefly, Startup Weekend is a global organization that provides the opportunity to cities across the world to join forces, resources, and minds to create a company in 54 hours. In short, it’s like a slumber party for adults…but a productive one where you form teams and create the company of your dreams.

But this isn’t about what Startup Weekend is, this is about what Startup Weekend provides you. So without further ado, here are the top 10 things you do not need for Startup Weekend!

  1. Friends. Sure friends are great, but you know what? Sometimes they get in the way of new ideas.
  1. Beer. We got you covered! Mother’s Brewing has stepped up again to offer some of the most tasty brews from all the Ozarkian land!
  1. A Shirt. We got you covered on that too! Sure, maybe you don’t want to wear the same one all weekend, but rest assured you’ll have at least one clean shirt for the big weekend.
  1. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Okay, we might skip one of these, but you guys- the food is going to be delish! In the past Wheelhouse has stepped up to dish out fantastic food, come see if they are catering again!
  1. People like you. Entrepreneurs often feel isolated with their crazy ideas of innovation. We are pioneers people, let’s stick together. Who knows- you might leave with your future wife or husband.
  1. An idea. Yeah, it’s super cool if you have an idea for a company, but one of the greatest parts about Startup Weekend is how people work together and how ideas are generated. If you have nothing, join a team that interest you!
  1. Interwebs. The eFactory is graciously hosting again and giving us access to their fabulous Internet! Yessssss!
  1. Money. Other than your ticket price (prices go up May 1st)! Get your ticket here: http://bit.ly/swsgf17
  1. Experience. From straight up beginners to retired CEOs- it’s all the same playing field at Startup Weekend. From experienced to novice all are welcome!
  1. Rich Uncle Bob. Sure rich uncles are awesome, but remember the winning company of Startup Weekend earns many resources from the community, possible access to investors, and the kick-start to get their business thriving.

We welcome you to join us in June and see for yourself!

Stay tuned for our next blog featuring what you do need for Startup Weekend Springfield on June 9th, 10th, and 11th!

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