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On April 12th, the San Diego Startup Weekend team launched their public release of the mobile seek-and-find game for kids called “Where’s Mommy? The app, which is available on iPhone, iPad and Android, puts the power of game creation into the hands of moms, dads and other caretakers and provides hours of fun for toddlers. It’s a relatively simple concept. Moms record audio clues for pictures of everyday things like a firetruck or dog or mailbox. When playing the game, kids will see 12 randomly selected pictures and will hear the audio clue you recorded (i.e. “where’s the mailbox”), hence the product name “Where’s Mommy”. Kids simply need to match up the photo with the right audio clue and they win!

While the team only came in second place in the competition, they accomplished significantly more over the weekend than any other team. With a working prototype on all three platforms, a fully operational website, 150+ Facebook fans and nearly 200 Twitter followers, a help portal and grass roots mommy marketing, the team left on Sunday night with a lot of fire.

Ironically it took nearly a month to get the app polished enough to release. Company founder Jeff Solomon, who drove down from Los Angeles to participate, is a self proclaimed pixel Nazi, and had it out with co-founder and iPhone developer, Jamie Briant on more than one occasion about the “MVP”.

In the first 36 hours the app has already gotten over 1000 combined installs across the three platforms, 8 five star reviews and 2 one star reviews (what’s up with that).

According to Jeff and the team, they are working on a new version that adds photo sharing in the mix… oh no, not another Instagr.am please. No, it’s actually quite a unique concept. Parents will be able to share their images and audio records with the “Where’s Mommy” community in the cloud making it super easy to update the game with new content for kids. It will never get old Jeff says. He’s also got a clever way to generate revenue in an upcoming version as well. Look for an update here soon.

Good luck team “Where’s Mommy”; we’re rooting for you at Startup Weekend!