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You’ve been hearing an awful lot about Global Startup Battle lately… and rightfully so! With 250+ events in 85+ countries, GSB is truly the world’s largest startup competition. Odds are there’s going to be an event taking place in a city near you.

Amidst the glamour of global entrepreneurial takeover, for me, fascination stems from the motives behind the local community leader’s ambitions and efforts. After all, it’s the organizer’s passion for community building, innovation, and entrepreneurship that brings each event in Global Startup Battle to life.

So, to get a better idea of why our local startup gurus find GSB to be such an awesome resource, I did what Regional Managers do best. I sent out an email.


Hey you, super awesome Startup Weekend organizer, why did you choose to hold an event during GSB?


Chris LeBeau, St. Louis, MO – Nov. 13, 2015

St. Louis has exciting momentum and energy in its startup community, but most aren’t aware of it outside the region. Sadly, much of the Midwest is still perceived as “flyover country” to the coasts. We see the absence of an opinion on our city as an opportunity, not a weakness. By competing in GSB, we have the opportunity to show people what St. Louis is capable of and why flyover country should be seen as “fly to country.”


Tom Beckett, Santa Clarita, CA – Nov. 13, 2015

Santa Clarita Startup Weekend is ready for its close up… on the world stage! It’s not often that we get the chance to participate in something that transcends the boundaries of our personal lives and brings us together on an international level. Global Startup Battle is more than a competition. It’s a telescope for viewing the same entrepreneurial drive that brought you to startup weekend as someone across the world who speaks an entirely different language. We can’t wait to compete with other cities on the social media scene with the hopes that we can cross-inspire our participants to think outside the box and build something cool and useful. The opportunity to take a peek into the lives of those who thrive on the same passion as us is what pushes us to be part of the vibrant GSB community.


Kristyn Smith, Wichita, KS – Nov. 13, 2015

The answer is simple. Our best Startup Weekend to date was on another Global Startup Battle weekend and our event goers love the possibility of going further in the competition.


Amy Kemp, Summit County, CO – Nov. 13, 2015

We had 100% success rate (continuation rate) from our last Startup Weekend in Summit County (in April). That’s pretty amazing and very unusual (from the Startup Weekend stats that we’ve seen). Even though we’re located in a small mountain town community, we figure we can compete with the … well, with the world. We know how to go big up here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. #BringIt


Elizabeth Eichhorn, Pasadena, CA – Nov. 13, 2015

Spring Ahead Academy really wanted to bring the GSB back to Pasadena because we have seen that there is a growth in entrepreneurs, but a lacking in their direction. This is an opportunity for those folks to participate in an event that will help their ideas become a reality.


Jennifer Rivas, Kansas City, MO – Nov. 13, 2015

Kansas City Startup Weekend is working with local organizations to make Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) a success.  Startup Weekend for us goes well beyond those 3 magical days.  GEWKC theme this year is – Start Local. Grow Global. which ties in nicely with GSB – Start Local at SW and get a foot in the door globally through GSB!  We had a winner last year from ‘Do the KIND Thing’ track, we are working on getting the founder in to talk about his experience.


I see you also ran a GSB event in 2014, what is your organizing team doing to make this event unique from others you’ve done in the past?


Sean O’Shea, Santa Fe, NM – Nov. 13, 2015

We are holding a fully immersive and cross-collaborative startup weekend in the state of New Mexico. 4 communities, the poles of which are separated by 400 miles will participate in this first ever Statewide Startup Weekend. So, New Mexico is beautiful its scenery vaulted in memory by some of the greats. But, it’s a lagging economy in an American southwest punctuated by success.  No one city, town or spot can be the hope but together the state can rise, together the state can find purpose, together New Mexico can bounce off the shadows of poor everything and find a way forward, a way up. Startup weekends are the format for the rise, the vehicle for a better more connected New Mexico.


Jennifer Rivas

We have a videographer that has donated time to interview teams and put their “Kickstarter” videos together for submission to GSB. It certainly helps founders with the last minute preparations to have this taken care of during the event.  So many options for entering this year, it will be fun to watch submissions.


Chris LeBeau

St. Louis’s entrepreneurial community has seen exciting growth over the past 5 years. But many of us have started asking ourselves, “what do we need to take startup support to the next level?” In the fast-growing early years, the answer was almost always more — more events, more capital, more competitions, more resources. This year, we shift to better. The entrepreneur’s time is extremely valuable. We are being incredibly selective about the types of coaches, judges, and resources over the weekend and afterward. Entrepreneurs need focus and interaction with those who have relevant experience. At this year’s event, we are creating a microcosm of best-in-class resources. We want our new startups connected and focused coming out of the weekend.


Kristyn Smith

This year we are going to hook up with the Startup Weekend in Kansas City and have some kind of silly (non related to startup weekend) competition. Like an ice-breaker or something over periscope.


Amy Kemp

We’re hosting Startup Weekend on opening day for Breckenridge Ski Resort. We figured let’s kick off our Startup Weekend with an optional ski/ride get-together and then we can hunker down all weekend and “carve” out new businesses and launch new businesses. From launching off jumps in the terrain park to launching businesses and ideas, our Startup Weekend in Summit County is going to be radical. Join us!


It’s pretty affirming to hear that our local organizers are just as jazzed about rallying around local GSB Startup Weekend events, as attendees are to participate, year after year. Global Startup Battle remains the most effective single event I’ve seen to connect startup communities and to see the problems entrepreneurs are solving across geographic and political borders (given a universal framework); like Thomas mentioned, it’s the organizer’s opportunity to put their local talent on the world stage!

So, whether it’s interest in being a part of a statewide entrepreneurial movement, or mixing work and pleasure by getting some fresh powder in before pitches, make your next stop startupweekend.org/events to connect with organizers and find more information on events near you. #Notalkallaction


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