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The next Startup Weekend SCV is only days away and entrepreneurs, developers, graphic designers, and creatives from all over the Santa Clarita Valley will gather for the weekend of November 4th-6th at the College of the Canyons University Center. Attendees will take part in pitching, building, and demoing their ideas in front of judges and an audience for a chance to take the first place prize and the opportunity to get started on what could be a new life journey.

This is the third year Startup Weekend SCV will be taking place in Santa Clarita and last year a new startup was born with the help of several attendees. Whiz Tutor’s founder, Justin Clark, owes a lot to Startup Weekend SCV and is helping organize the event this year as a way to give back to the local tech community. His participation in last year’s event lead him to connect with developers and like-minded business people to create his now-existing startup Whiz Tutor, an on-demand tutoring app that allows parents and students to book tutoring sessions and meet in person.


Justin and his co-founder, Giovanni Botten, had put some notable effort into their concept prior to arriving Friday night, but the Startup Weekend model only allows pitches for ideas that have not been worked on previously. While they were unable to pitch that idea, Justin and Giovanni didn’t let this small hindrance stop them from making the most out of Startup Weekend SCV.

They ended up joining another team that was working on a website to connect students with internship opportunities. For the rest of the weekend they worked together to build a prototype of the website and went out into the field to conduct market research on their potential customers. Their team ended up winning first place, and Justin said the best part of it all was that, “It taught us a lot about what it takes to build and validate ideas and a lot of what we learned in that weekend we have carried forward into what we do at Whiz Tutor today.”


One of the greatest takeaways from participating at Startup Weekend SCV was that they found their other future founding members of Whiz Tutor: Ryan Rodriguez, now leads marketing, John Salzarulo, their back end web developer, and Dale Fairclough, their IOS developer. The weekend was an amazing place to network and see everyone’s skills in action; working shoulder to shoulder to build something amazing.

If you have a business idea or are looking to join a startup, attend Startup Weekend SCV the weekend of November 4th-6th, you’ll be surprised what you can create in 54 hours. This only happens once a year — so don’t miss this life-changing opportunity.

Get your tickets at www.StartupWeekendSCV.com

— written by the Startup Weekend SCV 2016 Organizing Team

Tom Beckett