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With the latest LA Startup Weekend over and done with (a new one is actually brewing right now), those who came out on top deserve special mention in this exclusive feature. Below is a rundown of who won, what their big idea was, and what kind of prizes (oh yes, the prizes) they snagged.

At the top of the heap is first placer Hinty. Hinty want to make a difference in their customer’s lives by reading a fresh news feed to you while you’re driving. It also takes the service one step further by even suggesting content you might like. The guys behind this won no less than $1,3000 in cash outright, one-month of access to Coloft (a co-working space in Santa Monica) worth $3,000 and an appointment lunch with Tech Coast Advising. Did we forget to mention the free NerdyShirts?

The Hinty team also won Kindle 3G’s for acing the Best Factual Team category. You can bet some of your dough these guys will spend the next couple of weeks reading a lot.

Chilling at second place is Beerdar; quite the oddballs, these. Beerdar are an iPhone app exclusive dedicated to microbrews (the name pretty much says it all). Aside fromthe month long stay at Coloft, plus cash and Nerdyshirts, the Beerdar team earned themselves a set of steak knives and a hundred bucks from Sean Percival.

Last is Dibdate, who have the distinction of being the Best Heroku on Rails Team. These guys got loads of free tees and a generous endowment of Heroku packs.

The cool underdog who was crowned MVP is Yohei Nakajima, who got $100 and a set of nice steak knives.