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What Taewoo Kim found at Startup Weekend Seoul (May 2010) was an excellent team who shared his passion and creativity. He, in tandem with co-founders Sally Park, Ryan Kim and Chris Riley, combined a broad range of talents, which all contributed to the company’s post-Startup Weekend success. “Finding great people to help build our vision, is more difficult than the work that goes into the project,” Kim says. “Every new challenge seems bigger than the one that came before! Creating something from nothing can be overwhelming.”

Create, Play, Share
Moglue has developed a platform that allows anyone to design their own interactive apps for iOS and Android touchscreen devices. The tool is the first of its kind, with a friendly user-interface. The team’s vision is a platform that will allow other creative minds to develop and share their ideas with the public.

One co-founder is sharing Moglue’s ideas internationally. Park is currently building relationships with potential partners in the United States, and educating others about Moglue’s services. Meanwhile, Moglue’s team in Korea is hard at work prepping the application for the hands of real users. “That will be an awesome moment,” says Kim.

Creativity for All
Moglue believes “everyone should have the tools to be a Shakespeare or Beethoven in our modern world.” They received great validation after securing their first round of funding in October. “It gave us reason to believe in both ourselves and our vision,” says Kim. That extra boost of confidence is what will help spread Moglue’s passion and creativity to their users, and future prospects internationally.

Are you a Beethoven-in-the-making? Sign-up for their closed beta at moglue.com or follow @moglueDOTcom for more information and updates!