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Last July, Oman was the first Arab country to host Startup Weekend, and now, Lebanon is welcoming the event to its capital, Lebanon.

Called the YallaStartup, the event will be held from November 12 to 14. True to the Startup Weekend tradition, participants will be coming in to meet like-minded but diverse people, pitch their ideas, get to work on one idea with a team, and by the end of the event, will have finished working on the idea and get to pitch their presentation before saying goodbye. To top it off, speakers will also share their testimonies, experiences, and their advice to the next start-uppers. Not only will participants learn by doing, they will also learn through other people who have actually have success stories behind them.

Winning teams who pitch the best startup idea by the end of YallaStartup will get prizes and press features and exposure from participating media partners of YallaStartup. While all the Lebanese nation are welcome to join the event, YallaStartup is also open for everyone and anyone. For those coming from Jordan or Syria, you can travel to the event via sponsored bus rides.

YallaStartup is a big opportunity to open doors for any aspiring entrepreneur, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. So register now and get $25 discount if you buy your tickets before September 30. The venue will be a Berytech. See you soon!

via Startup Arabia