Accomplished software engineer with experience leading, growing, and working on interdisciplinary teams to produce high quality, robust, and scalable software systems. Extensive professional expertise gained through diverse roles including executive, startup founder, software engineer, engineering team lead, academic researcher, independent contractor, and government contractor in companies ranging in size from 2-70,000+ employees.

Doctoral dissertation, "Software Architectures and Patterns for Persistence in Heterogeneous Data-Intensive Systems", contributed novel architectures and patterns for the enablement of persistence across numerous classes of disparate data stores (e.g., relational, key-value, columnar, document, graph, etc.).

Expertise in Software Architectures, Data Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval utilizing Python, Java, Spring, the Hadoop Ecosystem, and NoSQL Data Stores.

Currently on the advisory boards of ēdn, BlazingDB, Geospiza, and Good Buy Gear.