Adam Tratt is Co-founder and CEO of Haiku Deck, an app for creating flawlessly beautiful presentations on iPad or the web. Haiku Deck has ranked #1 in productivity in over 50 iTunes markets around the world and was named one of Time Magazine’s top 50 web sites.

Tratt began his career as a Product Manager for Microsoft Office. His crowning achievement was teaching Bill Gates to create a web page using Microsoft Word. Gates thought the demo sounded “salesy,” which Tratt took as a compliment.

After marketing stints at a few dotcoms in the eCommerce sector, Tratt became the first marketing hire at board game startup, Cranium. Cranium published more than 100 different board games, books, and toys, selling millions of units worldwide and winning multiple Toy of the Year awards. Tratt went on to serve as SVP of Business Development for marketing agency, MRY before being accepted to Seattle Techstars, which led to his current role.

A life-long story-teller and presenter, Tratt grew up on Cape Cod and earned his BA in International Relations from Tufts University.