As a strategic and operational CFO, I partner with the CEO and Board to develop a corporate strategy and vision to scale businesses and drive sustained value creation. I then work alongside the Leadership Team to implement the strategy.

My approach includes: (1) Internal Alignment - a clear corporate mission that include hiring, developing and retaining the best talent and assigning them appropriate targets which contribute to business growth; (2) External Alignment - a product/marketing/customer service approach focused on delighting the customer and delivering consistent value; and (3) Financial Alignment - a series of financial/operational goals, metrics and KPIs that are forward looking and focused on long-term sustained value creation.

I have over 20 years of experience working in B2C and B2B businesses with subscription business models. I use my financial / value creation skills across a range of disciplines including strategy development and implementation, business development, M&A and fundraising, business planning and reporting, accounting and controls, funnel metrics / KPI creation and measurement, and customer acquisition and retention analytics.

I deeply enjoy mentoring and developing people so that they can grow and contribute their best to the business along the way.