I joined the Techstars community as the EIR for the Comcast 2018 program. I'm happy to help Techstars companies however I can.

Things I might be able to help with: introductions to my network, fundraising strategy and building a pitch deck, general founder-level support, selling your company, mentoring. I've helped companies in our program with a wide variety of needs – sales strategy, customer development, market sizing, building a product roadmap, cofounder issues, culture questions.

I have a deep technical background and experience creating delightful user experiences for mobile payments.

I was a founder and CEO of Cover, which brought Uber's payment experience to restaurants. We raised $7M from Spark Capital, OATV, Lerer Ventures, and notable angels (Naval Ravikant, Scott Belsky, and others). Cover was acquired in 2015. I wore a lot of hats.

I run Deck.vc, a startup that combines software with experienced venture talent to help founders succeed. We offer a perk for all Techstars founders to get targeted feedback on your pitch deck. I was previously an early employee at AngelList (running dealflow) and a summer associate at IA Ventures. I'm interested in the processes that power venture capital and fundraising.

Prior to working on startups I was an engine programmer for PlayStation at Naughty Dog, writing assembly language graphics code for the PS3. I still love video games. I have a BS and MS in computer science from Carnegie Mellon. I'm also an alumnus of the Recurse Center, a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers in New York City.

I love snowboarding, playing music, cooking, and exploring restaurants around the world.