Andrew Smith leads growth for Joy Labs, a technology company focused on inventing a new global communications experience powered by trust and personal empowerment. Prior to joining Joy Labs, Andrew led product growth for the Studio division at Techstars.

Prior to Techstars, Andrew led demand gen growth for Upserve, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2017, and led R&D product growth at SendGrid (NYSE:SEND), which was acquired by Twillio (NYSE:TWLO) in 2019 for $3 billion. Before joining SendGrid, Andrew was a partner at a mid-size marketing/advertising firm based in New England where he led the digital and technology initiatives.  

Andrew is based in Rhode Island, holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, a Masters' degree in Entertainment Business and is certified in Demand Generation through Vista Consulting Group's Marketing Accelerate program. He is an active volunteer for Ronald McDonald House Charities and Herreshoff Marine Museum (home of the America's Cup Hall of Fame) and supports numerous U.S. public nonprofits and socially responsible causes.