Anna started her career as a corporate lawyer focused on public company transactional work and spent two years at McKinsey as a strategy consultant to retail, media and financial services companies. She served as VP Product at and two other early stage e-commerce companies, before transitioning to Los Angeles where she started a talent management firm and produced two feature films.

In 2006 she sat next to a woman on an airplane who became her business partner in her next startup, Scribble Press. Anna was most recently GM and VP Partnerships at Fingerprint Digital, after selling Scribble Press to Fingerprint. During the past decade she has served as an advisor, strategy consultant and coach to many other entrepreneurs, with a focus on commercialization, business development and financing. She lives near the beach in Los Angeles with her two sons. When she’s not helping entrepreneurs, she likes to ski, hike, scuba dive and let her kids try to beat her at tennis. Find her @annawbarber.