I’m a dynamic and results-driven executive professional and entrepreneur with an impressive background in teaming up with startups, global brands, agencies, and small to large organizations and turning their brands around to unprecedented levels of growth. I consider myself an aggressive Venture Capitalist who has a keen eye for the best entrepreneurs and companies to fund and grow. And, a master networker and 'go-getter' credited with an established network of connections within the top Fortune 500 companies throughout the US.

Through transformational influence, I fill gaps that exist within current market offerings throughout technical products and services company to position core brands for growth in competitive markets, increases in customers and market share, and penetration in new markets. Particularly, my strongest suits include building high-performing teams, cultivating multi-million dollar partnerships, and using innovation to pivot companies. I’m also highly experienced in setting the comprehensive brand portfolio strategy, as well as collaborating on revolutionary new product developments and launches.

Core Competencies:

Marketing & Branding | Investment Leadership | Audience Acquisition | Capital/Portfolio Management | Executive Sales Management | Joints Ventures/Partnerships | Market/Competitive Analysis | Negotiating Deals | Business/Strategic Planning | Pitches & Proposals | Process Improvement | Team Hiring & Recruiting | Monetization Strategies | Mobile Applications