Bijan Sabet has been a General Partner at Spark Capital since its inception in 2005. It is fitting that his bio would be so closely linked to the personality of the firm. Bijan is not an observer of the confluence. He lives in it. In fact, he is probably Twittering as you read this. Bijan led Spark’s investments in Boxee, Bug Labs, Buzzwire, iminlikewithyou, SendMe, thePlatform (acquired by Comcast), Tumblr and Twitter.

Prior to joining Spark, Bijan was Senior Vice President, Corporate Development of GameLogic after serving as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Charles River Ventures (CRV). Before his work at CRV, Bijan was Vice President, Business Development and Product Management at Moxi Digital, where he was responsible for establishing and managing strategic relationships with cable and satellite operators as well as driving product strategy.

In this role, Bijan was part of the early team that introduced the MoxiMedia Center, a low-cost replacement for a digital cable or satellite set-top box that integrates digital video recording, a music jukebox, a DVD player, and an Internet gateway into one device that wirelessly networks video, audio and broadband connectivity throughout the home. Moxi later merged with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Digeo and is currently deployed by Charter, Comcast and Adelphia Cable.

Previously, Bijan was an early member at WebTV Networks, which introduced the first true convergence digital consumer product, combining Internet TV, interactive TV, digital TV, digital video recording and games into an integrated consumer electronics device. At WebTV, Bijan held responsibility for business development in North America. In this capacity, he established key alliances, commercial relationships and joint ventures with leading network operators and consumer electronics companies. Twenty months after it was founded, WebTV Networks was acquired by Microsoft Corporation for over $425 million.

WebTV is now MSN TV as well as the platform for both of Microsoft’s TV distribution platforms, Cable TV Foundation and IPTV. WebTV products have been sold throughout the world, and have been deployed to both DirecTV and DISH Network satellite customers. Before WebTV, Bijan held various sales and management positions at Apple Computer and Integrated Systems (acquired by Wind River Systems).

Bijan Sabet holds a BS degree from Boston College.