I joined Techstars in February of 2016, beginning with an incredible experience supporting the Techstars Boulder mentorship-driven accelerator program as an Associate, led by Natty Zola and Julie Penner. I was fortunate to then work alongside Techstars founder and co-CEO David Brown for 2+ years prior to joining our investment team where I'm helping to build out smooth processes and platforms to better support the companies in our portfolio.

Before relocating to Boulder and joining Techstars, I spent nine years in New York City, working in client experience and operations roles at startups in fashion-tech, retail and healthcare.

When not connecting dots at Techstars, you can most certainly find me on the trails around Boulder (and beyond) with my two dogs. I'm a native of Upper Michigan (a Yooper, if you're in the know), an avid outdoorist, cyclist, runner / hobby marathoner, former music theatre nerd, and very active animal rescue advocate.