Interested in launching and scaling bold entertainment, digital media and tech businesses, with a focus on delivering brand, user and revenue growth.

I grew up in CPG. Then joined a Silicon Alley 1.0 startup. Spent four years on Wall Street after b-school. In 2006, I followed my passion into Media, Entertainment and Tech, and have been exploring where it can lead ever since. Thus far I've witnessed the global phenomenon of "American Idol," cultural power of Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali, political impact of Glenn Beck in an election cycle, and how brands can influence society.

Through it all, I've grown iconic brands and propelled challengers, spearheaded successful re-branding campaigns and corporate renewals, raised and invested capital, and galvanized talented teams focused on:  

• "Idol" global platform & Finalists • "So You Think You Can Dance" global platform • Muhammad Ali • Glenn Beck & TheBlaze • Elvis Presley & Graceland • Sony Music • Citi • Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Woody Allen • Oreo • Dr Pepper and more •

Now I'm helping Omnicom agency The Marketing Arm build future-proof capabilities and institutionalize its innovation successes. I'm also a venture partner, advisor, teacher, husband, parent and lifelong arts advocate.

I believe in the power of community and try to do my part to inspire and connect people.