Christina is the UX Manager at Google creating amazing designs for the Google Cloud Platform. Prior to this role, she was the Director of Design for Azure Machine Learning, Stream Analytics and Data Factory, three new advanced analytics cloud services from Microsoft. She has been with Microsoft for over 22 years, practically all over the map, spanning diverse businesses including Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Xbox, SQL Server, Power BI and, most recently, Machine Learning. She has gained extensive knowledge in moving ideas along from initial planning phase to delivery, both for established products and new incubations. She is super passionate about designing products that people love and is happy to help startups find opportunities to inject delight into their creations. Working with her as a mentor will be a hands-on design critique experience that is fun, interactive and immediately actionable.

Outside of Microsoft, Christina is an active member of Alliance of Angels of Seattle. Christina is a German native and holds an MA in Linguistics from University of Heidelberg (in case you would like to brush up your German while making the next killer app).