The areas I can help entrepreneurs most is Entrepreneurship and SBIR.

I am the founder and CEO of URSA. In that role I've been leading the development of a suite of tools designed to collect, integrate, analyze, and present autonomous vehicle and industrial IoT related data for many purposes including fleet management, criminal investigations, failure analysis, and predictive analysis. I also leads the firm’s consulting practice which addresses UAV cyber security and UAV threat management.

I founded the practice of UAV forensics in 2015 and am one of the leading practitioners in the world. I have worked in digital forensics and cyber security since the mid 90’s and, prior to founding URSA I led EY’s U.S. incident response program.
I earned a BA from Dartmouth in Computer Science and will receive an MA from the Fletcher School at Tufts in International Affairs in 2018. My Master’s thesis is entitled “Defending Against UAVs Operated by Non-State Actors”.
I am a rated pilot, am the Advocacy Director for the National Association of Search and Rescue where I writes UAV policy papers and develops presentations on UAVs in SAR, and am working on SAR UAV standards for ASTM and other organizations.