Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Started life as a hardware engineer, working for Mobile Oil and Mazda Motor Corp on fuel pumps and robots. At 22 yo I realized I knew everything in the world and decided to go do a hardware startup. Did that for three years building telemetry hardware for CNC machines, sold that and moved onto 3D mapping hardware for Tiger helicopters for the Australian Army. Joined Microsoft in 2005 where I learned how to build big stuff, got a Law degree, moved to the US and worked on data center hardware with Windows Azure, before doing a deal with Ray Ozzie where I got to join Live Labs in exchange for building 2 shipping container data centers. Learned Machine Learning @ Live Labs from a bunch of ex-USSR engineers and applied the new found skillz to Bing trying to work out the difference between a Jaguar and a Jaguar. Left in 2010 to do a gap year as a consultant at PwC, running their Cloud division, before joining my good mate to do a machine learning startup. Built some awesome tech and an awesome team then got acquired by Retailmenot, moved to Austin, TX, learned to eat tacos and BBQ, then rejoined old mate again for our second startup. Took that through Techstars, learned a butt load about what drives me and makes me fulfilled, returned to Microsoft as a Principal Applied Data Scientists to learn some new tricks, now back at my 4th startup journey.