Derek Streat is Co-Founder & CEO C-SATS. Seattle-based CSATS, Inc. is a venture-backed healthcare technology company on a mission to empower the nation’s 16 million healthcare workers and institutions to assess and improve their performance continuously, accurately and objectively. It’s been proven that technical skill impacts clinical outcomes…poor performers generate 2.5x more readmissions, 3x more complications and 5x more deaths than top performers. Based on technology developed at the University of Washington by a team of surgeons, engineers and biostatisticians, CSATS’ performance management system utilizes a unique combination of distributed experts and Internet reviewers to assess healthcare professionals’ technical performance with accuracy equivalent to current gold standards…but at 80+% savings in cost and time to results. He is also prior CEO and Co-founder at Medify, Inc. He holds BA, Finance and Information Management Systems from University of Iowa.