While in graduate school at Georgia Tech, I started my first venture in 1976 developing a multi lingual computer prior to the advent of PCs. The technology and software developed were used in a number of projects in the Middle East and shortly after, the technology was sold to a company in the area. In 1982, I started a company developing a smart switch to function as a phone system working with personal computers which had just been introduced to the market by IBM. Once the VC investment did not materialize, I redirected R&D to transform the product to voice mail, interactive voice response with voice recognition, and fax servers. After several successful years with increasing sales the company merged with a telecom manufacture and went public. Later on, I co-founded a number of companies in various areas of technologies including Java development tools, knowledge management, and information discovery, network monitoring and security. I founded Sensorscall because of a personal experience, the company is developing an AI driven IOT healthcare device using a fusion of sensors looking after wellbeing of seniors. 
I received my bachelor's degree with honors in Electronic Engineering from University of London Kings College and Masters in computer science from Georgia Tech. While in London I filed for 9 provisional patents and was granted 1 full patent.