The areas I can help entrepreneurs with most is Business Strategy, Management, Product & Design.

I began my career at Electrophysics Corp. after graduating from MIT with a doctorate in EE. As president, I coordinated the design, manufacture and sale of technology products, primarily infrared and low-light imaging devices, thermal imagers and night vision modules among other innovative devices. At the time, I created all the software ERP and CRM programs needed to support the growing business, including operations, manufacturing, engineering, sales, operations and finance. Design patents we obtained proved to hold great value for the company; sales & marketing tactics proved very effective to bootstrap the company and profitable growth.

In 2009, Electrophysics was acquired by Sofradir SAS France and became their US subsidiary. I continued as president at the newly renamed company, Sofradir EC Inc., until 2015. Thereafter, I created ePhysics Technologies, an advisory to support the growth of early-stage startups with an emphasis on competitive strategy, product technology, budget and fundraising, sales organizational development, and manufacturing planning. I’m extremely excited with the growth of early-stage startups today and look forward to continuing to help them overcome their future challenges and optimize growth.

I've enjoyed publishing a variety of technology articles in diverse areas of interest. I've supported the efforts of the Dept. of Commerce and sensors and instrumentation industry partners to realize reasonable export controls for dual-use commercial/military products that level the playing field among US companies and allows them to safely compete in international markets. I'm always looking for exciting opportunities relating to business strategy, valuation, technology and product roadmaps, entrepreneurship and education.