3x entrepreneur, Gustavo "Gus" Alvarez Moreno has a Business Bachelor from ITAM. He started his career in Marketing, at an alcoholic beverages company. After a couple of years of not belonging to the corporate life, he started his own entertainment company—his first entrepreneurial failure story—organizing concerts in his native Mexico.

After a couple of years, he founded the first crowdfunding platform in Mexico, in 2011, where he got introduced into the startup scene. In June 2012 he joined Startup Weekend to become the second non-US based employee, in an experiment to initiate the organization's internationalization. He was responsible for the expansion of the most active entrepreneurial community across Latin America while being Director of UP Latam and then, he oversaw the international expansion of UP Global, right before its merge with Techstars.

He worked as Director of Business Development for Latin America at Techstars until November 2016, when he moved on into his new endeavor, as VP of Business Operations at LECO, an on-demand platform for visual health in his hometown, Mexico City. 

He loves football (the real football) and is a fan of Arsenal FC, and he's a dog owner.