My two great passions are technology and entrepreneurship, and I'm a big believer in NY being a hub for the hardware startup community. I'm currently the cofounder of a wearable tech company and I was the director of the Zahn Center for Entrepreneurship, an incubator focused on startups that make physical products. I'm also the founder of the NY hardware startup meetup and mentor in residence for Indiegogo's technology and design vertical. I was named "One of the 28 Hardware Innovators in NYC You Should Know" by AlleyWatch.

My day jobs have involved research in robotics and medical devices both in an academic setting and in industry, where I currently hold 18 patents and patent applications and 36 publications. My side jobs tend to involve all things start-up related. I was program leader for the Start-up leadership Program in NYC, an amazing non-profit which trains talented entrepreneurs. I started a company once which failed, and then helped a medtech investment firm with their due diligence. I've audited MBA classes at Harvard Business School, MIT and Imperial College Business School.

Oh, and I love theatre. And penguins.

Specialties: Communication skills, development of medical devices, project management, data analysis, team work, leadership roles