Isra García = selfawareness + selfdiscipline + relentless drive + disruptive mindset + unstoppable attitude + impact marketing + optimal performance.

With more than 11 years of experience on the marketing and digital sector, Isra acts as a marketer and disruptive innovation and business transformation consultant, advising more than 50 companies. He’s principal in IG, the marketing, business transformation and disruptive projects development firm he founded in 2010, there Isra and his team have worked for more than 50 brands. Devoted 120% to meet and exceed business expectations, Isra is well-known by being ultra-focused on aligning marketing, communication and digital transformation efforts with business goals. He has worked with organizations such as Ushuaia, Avianca, 3M, Kellog’s, Disney, Sodexo, BlackBerry, Pioneer, MTV, L’Oreal or elRow. Recently involved in the Blockchain world with Cryptosolartech (which raised 60 million euros, is the first 100% Spanish ICO), Kryptobits, Token Home and ILAI. Isra is an active blogger and also author, writing more than 3.800 articles about impact marketing, disruption, high-performance, unshaken attitude, productivity, lifestyle-hacking, connected economy, leadership, and human potential. He has published 7 books: Human Media, Mapmakers, Ultraproductivity, Non-conformists and Digital Marketing for Dummies amongst them. He has been featured blogger in Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner. Featured as one of the top 20 digital marketing bloggers by PR firm Solomon McCown. Isra has also developed 26 projects so far, one of them is the Excellence Program for Unemployed people (helping people to find a job in 60 days), and another is the micro MBA Non-conformists, and even a private party called “Guateque.” Isra has presented and spoken in more than 400 events, and taught more than 410 lectures. As a founder Isra has created and launched 6 companies, highlighting Stand OUT Program, a disruptive education project that has trained more than 1.000 professionals since 2013 on how to standing out, with a 96.8% success ratio. 

In addition and beside this, Isra is considered a lifestyle experimentalist, carrying out experiments that range from going 20 days through a severe fasting plan or another 20 days engaged in noble silence, or waking up at 3am during 31 days, to 40 days microdosing with LSD or 46 trying all kind of nootropics, he has conducted other 20 particular experiments. Another hobby for Isra is extreme challenges, from Ironman and Ultraman, to cycling 333 kilometres in fasting mode in the heart of South Africa, completing a non-stop triathlon (573kms) from San Francisco to Burning Man in 53 hours, or crossing from Hollywood to Black Rock city desert in his own, with just a bicycle, riding more than 1.000 kilometres in 8 days. All those challenges have been created for supporting the NGO Isra is involved with,

From a personal approach: dyslexic, he did not finish the university but has managed to complete two master degrees, one in marketing management and another an International MBA (scholarship). Isra works with people he resonates with and lives as intensively as he can, enduring as much in his jobs as partying and creating a great life. When he was 18 years old, he was working as a plumber apprentice, with 21 he worked for two years in a textile factory in Spain 12 hours-a-day. Today, Isra lives and works around the world. Isra is a massive action, he breaths for making things happen. Obsessed with transcending his peak performance so he can help others to reach theirs. 

You can find more about Isra in his English website, his Spanish website, in in his podcast ( where he interviews people like Seth Godin, Frank Blake or Chris Brogan. And find him also in TEDx talks.