Jay is the CEO of Top Level Spectrum, a domain company administrating several new top level domains. The days of just registering .com or .org domains may be just a few years behind us but instead of co-opting two character country domains like .co, .io, and .ly Jay's is allowing companies to register domains ending with niche extending like .feedback and .forum. Top Level Spectrum is not just seeking to sell new domains, they are selling a whole software as a service platform powering each domain. The major idea behind the platform is that buyers should not need to be IT experts to get their idea online. Just buy the domain and all the hosting and software is already installed and ready to use for your specific niche.

Want to start a forum that discusses chef knifes? Register chefknifes.forum and the forum software is preinstalled and ready to be moderated instantly.

Prior to this role, Jay founded DomainTools a leading company in the domain intelligence space that sold for $16m in 2008. Since the sale he has founded or co-founded several companies such as a game company called Warzone.com, a local dental lab, a credit company, and several others.

Jay has a BS in computer science from Central Washington.